Hungry For Righteousness


Are you hungry for righteousness? Do you want God to be pleased with you? Have you tried your best to serve God, but you often feel like you've failed Him? Have you ever felt like just giving up? If you have already been born again and you know that God has saved you, but you've been struggling to be righteous then this page will help you. I highly suggest that you read/listen/watch these things in order. Some of the sermon's can be a little lengthy, so what I did is listen to one each day. I know you'll benefit if you do the same. God bless you! Thanks for visiting this site!

1. Start Here - Grace Videos

2. Whose Righteousness? - Andrew Wommack

         A. What Is Righteousness?

         B. How Can I Be Righteous?

         C. Condemnation and Righteousness

           D. The Great Exchange - not Andrew Wommack but it must go here 

3. Grace - Colin Dye

         A. The Goodness of God

         B. The Throne of Grace

         C. Pure Grace, Simple Faith

         D. God's Favor On the Righteous

         E. Transformed By Grace

4. Saved By Faith Alone - David Wilkerson

         A. Perfect Righteousness (Short)

         B. Saved By Faith Alone (Short)

         B. Shall We Continue In Sin (Short)

         C. Proclaiming The Victory (Short)

         D. Jesus Ransomed Us (Short)

              E. Credited To Our Account (Short)

         F. Holy Branches (Short)

         G. Our Inheritance (Short)

         H. The Blood of Christ - Watchman Nee

         I. The Cross of Christ - Watchman Nee 

5. Unmerited Favor - Joseph Prince (I highly suggest buying and reading the whole book, but I have copied and pasted some of the chapters here because I know that they will help set people free. If you need to find a place to buy the book then click here.)

         A. Your Right to God's Unmerited Favor

         B. Covenanted to Succeed in Life

         C. God's Covenant of Unmerited Favor for Us

         D. Perfected By Unmerited Favor

         E. Transforming the Next Generation

         F. Our Part In The New Covenant

             G. How Unmerited Favor Is Cheapened

           H. Becoming an Heir of the World

         I. Self Occupation Vs. Christ Occupation

6. Grace Videos - Jospeh Prince

7. Those In Christ Are Beloved - Paul Washer

8. Changed From The Inside Out - Max Lucado

9. A New Way of Living - Joyce Meyer

10. Spirit, Soul, and Body - Andrew Wommack

        A. The Basics of Spirit, Soul, and Body

        B. Eternal Redemption

        C. The Faith of God/Mind of Christ

        D. The Spirit Vs. The Flesh

        E. Born of the Spirit - Not Andrew Wommack       

11. The Heart: The Mystery of the Kingdom - Clint Byars - After you have listened to the teaching on spirit, soul and body above, I highly recommend downloading and listening to this teaching series on the heart. Clint Byars explains what the heart is, how it works, what we can do to write on our heart and change our lives, and more. It's a really important teaching for "it is with the heart man believes unto righteousness" (Rom 10:10). Just click on the link and it will take you to forward churches store. There you will have to make an account and then you can add this heart series teaching to your cart and then check out and download it for free.

12. Why Then Should We Not Sin?

13. Rest In Christ

14. Scripture Proof

A. The Law Condemns/The Law Is The Strength Of Sin

B. We Are Righteous By Faith

C. We Are Not Under The Law

          D. Saved By Grace and Not By Works

        E. Sealed By The Spirit

15. What Law?

16. Hungry or Filled?

17. What Did Jesus Say About The Law? 

18. What About the Book of James?

19. My Personal Experience

20. Jeff Bethke's Personal Experience

21. Your Righteousness or Christ's Righteousness - Jeff Bethke

22. The Naked Gospel - Very good! After you watch the videos below, I highly recommend buying Andrew Farley's book "The Naked Gospel" by clicking here.


23. Grace Videos - Various People 

Grace Videos - Jeff Turner (Sound of Awakening)

25. Taken Away the Sins of the World - Arthur Mientjes - This is a great message that I just had to put on here. It's a recording of a healing school service so there is worship in the beginning. If you want to get straight to the message then you need to skip the video to the 40 minute mark.

26. You Won't Be Forsaken - By Max Lucado

Page 2 - Focusing on Power and Presence

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